Our Club is proud of the fact we aim to make an active impact in both the University and in Cambridge in general. Below you can see some recent campaigns we have worked. Should you have any campaigns you feel that CULC should take up in support of, please feel free to reach out to us.

Living Wage Campaign

CULC is campaigning for the University of Cambridge and its constituent colleges to pay the living wage to all employees.

  • According to the Living Wage Foundation, the real living wage outside of London is £8.75. The legal minimum for employees over 25, however, is only £7.50.

  • The Cambridge University Living Wage Campaign (involving CULC and CUSU, amongst others) petitioned regents of the University to submit a Grace (a formal proposal) to a vote by Regent House. 50 signatures were needed, and c.230 were collected.

  • The Grace has been approved and the University is now committed to seeking Living Wage Accreditation.

  • The focus for CULC now is campaigning for colleges to pay the living wage.

Keep up to date here and on our Facebook page for more details about the campaign and ways to get involved during Lent Term.

Mental Health Campaign

CULC is campaigning with Young Labour to protect mental health services.

  • This Conservative government has overseen​ £150 million in cuts to mental health budgets in the last 4 years alone.

  • A recent Care Quality Commission survey found that 1/4 people suffering from acute mental health problems are unable to get the help they need.

  • The NHS is under immense pressure with tragic consequences. In the widely reported case of Patient X, not a single NHS hospital bed could be found in Britain for a 17-year-old girl at risk of taking her own life. This case is far from unique.

  • ​CULC is campaigning for Young Labour council candidates who have pledged to protect Mental Health services at the local level.

Keep up to date here and on our Facebook page for more information and ways to get involved.