About Us

Our Club was founded in 1905, with the principle aim promoting the cause of Labour in the University and locally around Cambridge. The Club has gone through various iterations in its name, from being founded as the Cambridge University Fabian Society, to Cambridge University Socialist Society and finally arriving at Cambridge University Labour Club. Throughout all of these iterations of our names, we have maintained in supporting the Labour Party and the cause of labour on campus.

We regularly hold speaker events, social events, and topical discussions regarding what has been occuring in the both in Britain and around the World. Our Club is an inclusive one, whether you are a loosely interested in politics or are have been interested in politics for a long time, there is something for you. No matter your background, we hope to foster an environment for efective, proper and longstanding student politics.

Our Events

Pints and Policy

Pints and Policy is our principle event during Term. Every other Saturday (although make sure to check calendar!) we meet to discuss three motions. The atmosphere is relaxed and there are drinks, both alcoholic and not available. Whether you wish to speak at these debates or want to come along to spectate, it is a fantastic place to get to sharpen your political minds

Lagers with Labour

Lagers with Labour is our informal pub social that happens every other Wednesday. Here, members usually congregate at one of the lovely Cambridge pubs for a drink and have light-hearted discussions about topics, whether they be political or not. This is a great oppurtunity to meet Labour friends and get more involved in the Club as a whole

Speaker Events

Throughout the term, the Club invites eminent speakers from around the UK (and sometimes beyond!) to talk to our members. Historical figures who have previously addressed the Club include Clement Attlee, with more recent figures including Baron Christ Smith and Andy Burnham. These events are usually restricted to members only, so do make sure to sign up and check your emails 

These are, however, not the only events we have. Throughout term, we also have swaps with other University Labour Clubs around the UK, with the most recent one being with O*ford. On top of this, we usually hold events with College and wider political societies on a wide variety of topics

The bottom line is, if you are vaguely interested in politics, CULC will have a place for you