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Cambridge University Labour Club (CULC) is the voice of the working-class and Britain's Labour movement at the University of Cambridge!

Since being set up as the Cambridge University Fabian Society, in 1905, CULC has been one of the oldest, largest and most active political societies in Cambridge. Mirroring the evolution of the national party, CULC has gone through many shapes and sizes, and has gone on to produce great Labour members through our history – from Hugh Dalton to Andy Burnham. CULC has a long and proud history of campaigning both in the town of Cambridge and in the University among students.

In addition to campaigning for local Labour candidates, we have campaigned on a broad set of issues that matter to students and working people - including marches against £9,250 tuition fees and to save the Cambridge Bursary as well as protests against cuts to EMA and essential public services. In addition, CULC offers some of the very best speaker events, socials, dinners, debates, and women's and LGBT events in the University. Every term we welcome people from across the party to speak to the Club about the big political issues of our day.

No matter how involved in politics you are, Labour Club is as exciting, busy, and bold as ever, and if you support the Labour Party, we hope you join us!

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